The Productive Macs Bundle

The latest iteration of the Productive Macs bundle is out. Basically you can get your hands on 9 different productivity applications with a value of $245 for just $29.99. If you've been looking at any one of these apps in the past and tempted to buy, then now is a pretty good time.

Here's what you get:

Crossover: This app lets you run windows programs without having to install Windows. It's great if you're looking to just run one or two windows applications. Much cheaper than having to buy a copy of Windows.

Gemini: searches and removes duplicate files. I'm looking forward to testing this out as I'm sure I have countless duplicate files taking up space on my system.

Dropzone: Painless drag and drop file uploads. Drop and file to upload to Amazon S3, Flickr, FTP etc.

Paperless: Organize your scanned paper and documents with built in OCR technology.

Espionage: Allows you to directly encrypt individual files and folders.

ArtText: Not sure where this fits into the Productivity niche but it looks interesting. A simple graphics tool.

A Better Finder Rename: The title pretty much says it all. Simply a useful tool to make renaming files in Finder easier. Photographers will find this useful.

Cashculator: A personal finance application. Tries to forecast your future financial situation. I'm intrigued.

Chronicle: Enter the bills you need to pay into Chronicle and then forget about them.

Download the Productive Macs Bundle


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