The Beautiful RSS Revolution

What's the best way of staying up to date with and reading the articles on your favorite websites. As much as Facebook, Twitter and now Google would have you believe that by following "brands" you'll keep up to date - It's become impossible to really follow a website's posts in amongst the social noise.

Flipboard has created a viable alternative to RSS Readers, but the inability to subscribe directly to websites is a crucial missing feature.

But luckily RSS isn't dead. In fact, it's still alive and in a big way. A new generation of RSS readers have hit the intertubes, and have been thrown into the spotlight with closure of Google Reader. And older players are getting major overhauls. RSS readers are making subscribing to, and reading content from your favorite websites an absolute pleasure.

Suddenly the now defunct Google Reader looks prehistoric - outdated, "behind the times" and lacking in both functionality and design.

My New Favorite Tool - Feedly.

Feedly is a drop, dead gorgeous RSS reader, that doesn't actually feel much like the RSS readers I was used to using.

Content displayed through Feedly looks great. The typography is well thought out and you can tell the developers are also rss power users. All the expected keyboard shortcuts, feed views and theme settings are present.

And it's not just the desktop experience that impresses. The iPad app is also excellently designed and provides somewhat innovative touch controls to make scrolling through content fast and efficient. And of course, everything syncs so moving between devices is seamless.

As it stands, RSS is the best way to subscribe to a lot of different websites and keep up to date with the content. It's too easy to miss updates (especially from authors who rarely post) on Twitter and Facebook. We still need tools that focus on the "content".

Thankfully Feedly is just that tool.


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