Hemingway will improve your writing

Hemingway is a text editor that makes suggestions on how you can improve your writing.

Paste in a snippet of text and the app checks different factors. The length of your sentences, how many adverbs you are using and whether your phrases could be simpler.

Kitestring will Keep Track of Your Well Being

Looking to add a little more Jason Bourne into your lifestyle then Kitestring is for you. Kitestring keeps track of your well being. You simply SMS kitestring that you're going out and the app will periodically sms you. If you fail to respond to the SMS then a group of emergency contacts will be alerted.

Especially useful if you suspect you're about to be abducted or enjoy carrying large sums of cash :p

Use Mightyname to discover fun domains to register

MightyName displays a list of randomly assembled .com names that are available to register. The page can be refreshed to display a new list or you can use the search tool to enter a keyword to find more specific names. The combinations that it comes up with are quite amusing. Good for inspiration if you're stuck and can't find a domain for your random side project.

The best tool I've found so far for name brainstorming.

Automate your Calendar with Super.cc

Super.cc is a tool to automate getting your calendar events from your email inbox and putting them into your calendar.

Simply forward your meeting confirmations, travel itineries, or any other email that contains a date to [email protected] and the tool will parse the email and add the event and location info to your calendar.

There is no software or app needed to download and install.

Download and Save Videos from Instagram and Vine with Savedeo

Savedeo is an online tool for download videos from a number of popular video sharing sites. Savedeo supports numerous sites including Instagram, Ted, Vimeo, Flickr and Vine. Java is not required on Savedeo - I've yet to find another online tool that reliably works without Java. I would never trust a video download site that uses Java due to a malware risk.

The lack of advertising on Savedeo is very refreshing to see.

Capture Websites and Screenshots with Inboard

Inboard is an OSx app that is used to keep track of websites and photos that inspire you. Although the tool can be used as a kind of native pinboard, the most useful feature is easily capturing full page website screenshots. A menubar icon makes capturing a webpage screenshot extremely simple.

Digital Ocean Is a Gorgeous VPS Host

Hosting companies aren't exactly known for being user friendly. Digital Ocean has changed the VPS hosting game by offering ridiculously cheap hosting, coupled with a gorgeous and simple to use user interface.

A VPS server starts at $5 and using the built in tools, you can automatically configure it as a LAMP stack, Wordpress host, or a variety of other pre-built images.

All of the Digital Ocean VPS's are SSD based as well.

Timehop is a Time Capsule for Your Digital Life

Timehop is a time capsule for your digital content. Explore the updates and photos you took on this day in years past.

Available on the iphone - it's missing a cross platform experience. This is a major flaw. Who knows what device I'll be using in the future.

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