Quicksand Automatically Syncs Your Recent Files to the Cloud

Quicksand is a magical little mac app that lets you forget about having to upload or sync files into the cloud. Every time you open a file, quicksand will automatically move it into your cloud folder (dropbox, Google Drive, Copy etc.). So know you don't need to worry about moving things manually - you'll always have access to your most recent files.

Through the settings you can customise what files it should ignore (or only transfer), and set a maximum number of files or diskspace.

Copy is a Dropbox Alternative with 15gb of Free Storage

Copy.com is a dropbox competitor that offers 15gb of Free Storage Space. For power users of cloud storage, Copy is also cheaper, offering 250gb+ of storage starting at $10 per month.

The biggest downside of switching from Dropbox to Copy is you lose the huge developer community that supports Dropbox. There are very few apps that currently offer Copy integration.

Create an Inbox For Your Dropbox

DBinbox creates a unique webpage for your dropbox account, which allows visitors to send files directly to your dropbox.

Particularly useful if you need to send yourself files from another computer that isn't running dropbox. You can also password protect public inboxes so only approved people can send files.

Make Handsfree Calls on Your Mac

Keep your phone in your pocket with the handy Mac app, Dialogue.

Dialogue connects to your iphone, android or windows phone device via Bluetooth and allows you to take calls through your Mac. Calls can also be recorded, which makes this utility especially useful for meetings. Audio quality currently isn't on par with a phone call made directly through your phone and headphones are definitely required.

Play Any Video Format on iOS with VLC

It's finally arrived... again. VLC, the open source media player that can pretty much play just about any popular video format is back on iOS.

VLC can play your media files without any need for conversion. This fills a major gap on the iOS platform - the ipad is a great video viewing device but it only supports .mp4 videos.

The VLC iOS app is beautifully designed and comes with a couple of very exciting features:

  1. WiFi Upload - just turn on WiFi upload, and then navigate to the supplied URL on your computers browser to easily upload files to your iOS device.

  2. Dropbox support - no explanation needed.

  3. Network Streaming - if you're in the know, and have the skills to figure out the URLs, you'll be able to watch live tv on your ipad.

VLC is of course free and open source and is by far the leading media player for supporting a huge range of formats.

Run Your Own URL Shortener With YOURLS

Running your own URL shortener, will ensure you're in control of your own data, plus it gives you the opportunity to brand the links that you share via social media (tskmg.co for example).

YOURLS is a small set of free PHP scripts that will allow you to run your own URL shortening service similar to Bit.ly. You can choose for it to be private or public (where anyone can create links.)

The script is easy to install - and unless you're planning to create a service as popular as Bit.ly, it will run fine on any shared hosting (for example it will work perfectly on Hostgator.)

It includes a stats dashboard that will give you an overview of how much traffic your shortened link is receiving as well as where the traffic is coming from.

Miniflux is a Minimalist Reader

Miniflux is an open source, minimalist rss reader that you can host yourself.

If you were burned by the recent closure of Google Reader, you may not exactly be very trusting of other cloud based news readers. Let's be honest - any of the popular rss readers could be acquired at anytime and we could lose another vital service.

So the forward looking, why not run your own RSS reader. Miniflux is an open source alternative to hosted services such as Feedly.

It's easy to get setup with Miniflux - you'll need a server, or shared hosting account (dreamhost or mediatemple will work fine), and then it's just a matter of uploading the files.

Running MiniFlux Locally Using MAMP

MAMP is an excellent piece of software for Macs that will have you running a server on your local machine in seconds. There's no complex installation needed.

I tested MiniFlux on my macbook using MAMP and it works perfectly.

To run miniflux on MAMP, just download and install the MAMP software, then drag and drop all the Miniflux files into the /mamp/htdocs folder. Then its simply a matter of directing your browser to localhost:8888.

Siftlinks will Find the Links in Your Twitter Stream

Siftlinks will monitor your Twitter Friend Feed and automatically pull out the links and push them into an RSS feed.

These days 90% of my twitter feed is made up of links and is a fairly well curated source of news and information. However, twitter is not the best way to quickly scan all this news, I would prefer to do it in an RSS reader.

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