How to submit your blog posts to Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is a hugely popular website discovery platform. Everyday millions of people stumble millions of websites. One of those sites could be yours. Stumbleupon can be a massive source of traffic for your website or blog. Here is a guide on submitting your blog posts to Stumbleupon.

Step 1: Grab a Stumbleupon Account

You'll need an SU account to submit sites to the network. You can register one here. SU seems to perform better if your account has been around for a while and you have a large number of followers. However, even new accounts can send traffic through to your website.

Step 2: Visit the Submit Page

This page is a bit hidden on the Stumbleupon network. You used to need the Stumbleupon toolbar to submit sites, but now SU has chosen to build a toolbar free interface.

The Submit page can be found here

Step 3: Enter your Website Details

Enter your blog post URL and select and appropriate topic. Make sure the topic is as closely related to your blog post as possible. The better the match the more likely your page will go viral.

Hit submit and your website will soon be crawled by Stumbleupon and added to the rotation.

What You Need to Know about Stumbleupon and Traffic

Why doesn't my page go viral on Stumbleupon?

In order for a page to go viral and be viewed thousands of times, it needs to be "thumbed up" by many different Stumbleupon users. If nobody likes your page then it won't continue to be shown.

Why does my page receive zero stumbleupon visits?

You've most likely been silenced. If not enough people like your submissions on Stumbleupon, then there is a high chance that your future submissions will receive no traffic. It's best if don't just submit articles from your own blog. But instead submit content from a wide range of sources that is of a high quality.

What Type of Blog Posts work best on Stumbleupon?

It all depends on the niche. If you are a regular user of stumbleupon, then you will soon get a feel for what pages are being shown to you. The most popular content on Stumbleupon is what's called "viral content." If it's unique, funny and is likely to be shared by people on Twitter on Facebook, your content will do well on Stumbleupon.

Does Stumbleupon Traffic Convert to Ad Revenue

Generally no. Stumbleupon users quickly flit between pages and will click on ads much less then users visiting from Search Engines. That said, generating ad revenue is still possible but the CTR will be very low.

How do I get more followers on Stumbleupon

Start by following your friends and people who share similar interests. Followers aren't essential.


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