NMSGen is a Planet Name Generator for No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is all about exploring and discovering new planets. And NMSGen is all about helping you come up with names for your planets.

The app has just one simple function, click a button and you’ll get a new name for your planet. Although No Man’s Sky randomly generates names for planets in game, the default option isn’t that great and this random generator aims to to create better sounding names.

Create Email Newsletters on the fly with Goodbits

Email newsletters that contain a curated collection of links are popular at the moment. Goodbits is a web app designed to simplify the process of putting together your own curated newsletter.

After installing the browser plugin, you simply click a button when you come across a website you want to include in your newsletter. When you've collected enough links, you can send the newsletter through the app which is handled by an integration with Mailchimp.

Goodbits is the easiest tool I've come across to curate a newsletter, and I use it for the weekly Taskmag email. The only downside is it requires a browser plugin - one of my pet hates.

Piranhas will help you find the cheapest store to buy a book

Piranhas is a super helpful web app for finding the cheapest online store to buy a book. In the past, I've usually just gone to Amazon, but after putting in a couple of titles into Piranhas, i've discovered that probably wasn't the best option. Unlike similar search engines, Piranhas takes the shipping cost into account and not just the listed price. It also handles all the necessary currency conversions.

It searches all the different amazon stores (.co.uk, .de, .ca etc) as well as Book Depository and Wordery for the cheapest prices.

By far one the most useful apps I've come across this year.

Typewriter is a Text Editor with No Features

Typewriter is an extremely simple text editor. The only thing you can do using the notepadesque editor, is type. The app aims to be a bit like a real typewriter. Every letter is permanent, meaning no backspace. You can go back and strike through letters and words. This makes it a good tool for overcoming writers block, as there is no urge to edit or purge. You just need to keep typing.

ZenPen is a Minimalist Writing Zone

ZenPen is a browser based text editor that is designed for blocking distractions. The app requires no registration or login, you simply need to start writing. You can set a target word count which will let you know when you achieve your writing goal. Once you've finished writing, text can be saved as markdown, html or plain text. If you happen to close the browser before exporting, zenpen does remember and your text is available the next time you visit the site.

Refresh gives you background info on the people you meet

Refresh is an iphone app that syncs with your calendar to provide insights on the people you meet with. The app aggregates social data to show you interests, common acquaintances, and other talking points. You can also use the app to jot down notes to refresh your memory the next time you meet.

Speed Read the web with Squirt

Squirt is a speed reading bookmarklet. When viewing an article, just hit the bookmarklet to have text displayed one word at a time. You can adjust the speed for a perfect balance between speed and comprehension. By not having to move your eyes, you're able to read much faster.

Get Wired With Precision Using Up Coffee

The Up Coffee app (from Jawbone, the makers of the up fitband) will track your caffeine intake so you can stay wired. The main purpose of the app is to help you figure out the best time to drink your last caffeinated beverage so as it won't affect your sleep. A fun tool to get to know how you respond to coffee. The app doesn't require the Up fitband but it can be used in conjunction to track sleep.

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