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20 Cosy Winter Self Care Ideas

Depending on your views of winter, December, January and February (or June, July, August in the southern hemisphere) can be pretty bleak months. But it’s also a chance to snuggle up in something warm and have a little “me” time.…

Write without Distractions using ZenPen

ZenPen Minimalistic Writing Tool

Looking to write without distractions? You should try ZenPen, a minimalist writing tool. The tool is completely free to use, but if you find it useful, you can always tip the creator a coffee. ZenPen Features Browser Based Writing Tool…

20+ Water Reflection Quotes that will Inspire You

Water Reflection Quotes

Water is a powerful force of life that many great minds have been inspired by. There are so many great quotes that capture just how powerful water really is. If you’re looking to incorporate water into your meditation or reflection,…